The development of the digital economy offers major opportunities for a comprehensive modification of almost all spheres of society (Betelon, 2017). The emergence of new technological opportunities allows companies to invest in the development of such activities as the development of digital platforms. Song et al. (2021) noted that they allow to create a unique ecosystem of the digital economy that brings together an unlimited number of participants. As a result of the development of the platforms, almost all traditional methods of business management, including strategy, marketing, manufacturing, research, human resources development, are undergoing a revolution. It allows to achieve the desired results with minimum effort and resources.

We live in the age of entrepreneurs! These people, and I am proud to count myself among them, are the driving force behind a revolution that transforms and revamps the economy countries around the world, as well as creating new jobs. Entrepreneurial activity is at the heart of a developing and modern state, since the birth of new companies gives the market economy its viability.