Oil Business: A Story Of The Founder Of OilResurs Company


People who establish corporations, international commercial networks and open new niches in traditional spheres have always attracted and will attract people’s attention. Their executive talent, efficiency and business sense fascinate, anger, and don’t leave indifferent anyone. Cities grow and life becomes more comfortable thanks to their desire for profit, development, and expansion. Sergey Tereshkin, the founder of Oil Resource Group LLC Fuel Company, is one of these people. In a conversation with him, we found out how he managed to reach such heights.

Sergey Tereshkin
Founder of Oil Resource Group LLC Fuel Company

When did an idea of your own business come to you for the first time? When you were 19, you already started your first business. So, there were prerequisites before. Tell us about it.

To tell you the truth, as I remember I always had an idea to start a business. It became obvious during school years: I collected and sold scrap metal. My teacher was surprised when in the 5th grade I wrote in the essay that I wanted to be a speculator. I often went to the market and remembered the word “speculative activity”, i.e. when you buy cheap and sell high. And I became a speculator at school. I spent money on books. Knowledge has always interested me. I also liked and still like to organize people. At the age of 10, I organized friends and we built a football field in the yard together.

How did you change after the crisis when you sold your first business?

I became more careful. It’s very terrifying when such things happen, especially for the first time. Literally, the ground crumbles under your feet. When the shock passed, I began to think more broadly and consider of large projects. And I noticed that now I approach as specifically as possible to any business and all issues related to money. If a business is planned without money or for an idea, then I say goodbye. I won’t participate in it.

Before the crisis, I planned short-term projects. Later I began to think long-term. I made a detailed step-by-step plan for 10 years. In fact, a plan for such a long period helps to understand what you want from your life, how you want to live and what plans you would like to turn into reality.

What motivated you, pushed you forward and made you not to give up?

Firstly, the need for money pushed me forward. Yes, it’s an earthly incentive. Then I realized that I wanted to build a global company like Glencore. And then this idea inspired me. I began to work for my future, make money and study. Therefore, OilResurs was established.

What did you give up on to achieve success?

I really like sports and spent much time on it. I had to contribute less time to it.

Did you have to step over your principles in your professional activities? What were these principles and rules?

Of course I did. It happened when the company began to expand. I realized that the leader should be different: not as I imagined him all this time. Therefore, I got over myself and delegated a part of the business matters to my partner in order to share the psychological burden. I began to delegate some issues. I built the work correctly. That is why no one is suing us. If we have complaints, and the counterparties don’t, then we always try to resolve problems in a civilized way. By the way, we do not entice other employees. I would love to, but we keep away from it because we value our reputation and respectful relations with other companies.

You’ve achieved a lot in your profession. Did success and money change you? If so, what kind of person you became?

I changed a lot when I attended a directors' training in Skolkovo. At that time, I didn’t get over the loss of business. That training influenced and changed me a lot. I began to value time, take care of it and not to spend it on trifles. If any question arises, it must be answered objectively. If there is any problem, it must be solved efficiently and quickly.

What was the most difficult thing on your way to success? How did you overcome these difficulties?

Success has not been achieved yet as I see it. We are still striving for it. The most difficult thing is to move forward. Even if it hurts and you are afraid of it and you want to leave the race. You should rise and overcome difficulties in the usual course of business.

Do you have a mission?

I'm very interested in brain development. That is why I invest in projects that study its potential and development. I am a founder of the fuel company. And I think that a developed brain is a trump card, this is why you need to bet on it. My mission is to work for the benefit of this world by supporting brain development projects.

What is your attitude to life, family, business, money, and people in a few words?

Family is the most important thing. Everything I do I do for my family. I work actively to stop doing the work directly as soon as possible and begin to engage in family. That is why I invest. Business is a creative activity. I want to make it work without my participation and do it perfectly. I believe that future depends on people. A human being is the main resource. He will always be, and the future depends on him. Our brain will remain in demand. People will become more qualified. That is why you need to invest in the development of people, that’s what I do.

What helps you to live?

The belief in myself and the thought that I can do anything help me to live. I can achieve results in any sphere.